Watch Point Blank recreate ‘Mine to Give’ feat Robert Owens’ AI voice

December 22, 2023
by Declan McGlynn

At the start of this month, we launched a series of new voices: three Chicago house legends Chuck Roberts, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk and Robert Owens. Now, the global electronic music school Point Blank has collaborated with us to create a new deconstruction for their YouTube channel. In their deconstructions, they break down how classic tracks were made and rebuild them, usually using Ableton Live. In the new video, Ski Oakenfull breaks down Photek’s classic track ‘Mine to Give’ featuring vocals from Robert Owens. 

Point Blank reached out to Voice-Swap to use our AI model of Robert’s voice in the video and we were delighted to get involved. Ski enlisted the help of a Point Blank student and singer Jade Voice who sang the song in their studios in London. We then ran her voice through Robert’s model and put it back into Ableton. The results were pretty impressive, but you can judge for yourself by watching the video.

Use Robert’s voice for yourself here.