Welcome to Voice-Swap

July 1, 2023
by Declan McGlynn

Welcome to Voice-Swap, a revolutionary new platform to transform your singing voice into chart-topping artists’ voices. Using Voice-Swap, it’s possible to create unprecedented new possibilities for song creation – all while championing artists' rights and setting a benchmark for ethical AI practices. 

Designed and developed by two multi-platinum-selling music producers DJ Fresh and Nico Pellerin, Voice-Swap uses revolutionary technology to 'clone' the unique aspects of a singer's voice. Songwriters, producers and collaborators can then transfer those distinct vocal styles to their own recordings, without needing the artist physically present – a first in the music industry, promising to ignite a new era of creativity and cooperation.

Our Artists Our voices include Ayah Marar (Calvin Harris, Nervo, R3Hab) Angie Brown (The Rolling Stones, The Happy Mondays, Grace Jones), Liam Bailey (Chase & Status, Shy FX), Dominique Young Unique (Diplo), and many more, with others added all the time.

Ethical AI Voice-Swap isn't solely about fostering creativity. We understand that an artist's voice is their signature, an irreplaceable asset. Unlike some other AI platforms facing legal scrutiny for copyright infringement, Voice-Swap safeguards artists' rights. Our unique model ensures artists are compensated whenever their voice is used, creating a fair and sustainable revenue stream. The Voice-Swap platform is not just a technological marvel; it's a testament to how AI can be used with consent, control and creativity. 

We've built a comprehensive rights and permissions framework that respects artistry, establishing strict guidelines for voice usage. Commercial exploitation of an artist's voice without explicit agreements is firmly off-limits, and our watermarking technology tracks each recording back to its origin, ensuring accountability.

Subscription Model Voice-Swap operates on a subscription basis, with artists receiving a pro-rata share of the revenue generated by their voice model. We maintain complete transparency and regular accounting, ensuring artists are fairly rewarded for their contributions. 

Remote Collaboration In the age of remote work and collaboration, Voice-Swap unlocks a treasure trove of possibilities. From enabling male producers to hear their ideas in a female voice (and vice versa), to granting collaborators access to an artist's unique vocal style without the need for physical studio time, the platform streamlines the creative process like never before.

Experience the Future We believe the future of AI and music creation is at the intersection of consent, control and creativity. This technology has the power to introduce revolutionary creative paradigms and with the right guardrails in place, can open up new revenue streams and opportunities for singers as well as new sonic boundaries and possibilities for artists to explore. 

Try Voice-Swap for yourself here – new users get 60 seconds of conversion audio for free!