Voice-Swap announces prestigious new team

October 24, 2023
by Declan McGlynn

We’re really excited to announce the brand-new team that will be powering our revolutionary platform. We think it’s an impressive crew, from multi-platinum, Brit-award nominated artist DJ Fresh, industry advisor and former VP of Strategy at SoundCloud Michael Pelczynski, respected artist and educator Benn Jordan, esteemed music tech journalist and consultant Declan McGlynn to legal advisor to Warner Bros Discovery and Meta Romanna Dadral, founder and CEO of The Audio Programmer Joshua Hodge and MD of Infinite Music Management Aaron Ross. Prominent music and tech figure Chris Gilbert joins as Chairman. 

The team was assembled with the specific goal of creating an ethical AI voice transformation framework, supporting Voice-Swap’s existing business model, where artists receive a 50/50 split of subscription revenues. Voice-Swap prioritises consent and control, working directly with the singers to ensure the highest quality training data and the highest quality model output. Voice-Swap also uses audio watermarking, allowing the company to trace each output back to the original user to help with culpability. 

Voice-Swap’s new CEO DJ Fresh aka Dan Stein said: “Creating a world where the music industry and AI happily co-exist is the number-one goal of Voice-Swap. The makeup of our fledgling team reflects our commitment to this goal and bolsters the insider ethos that will set Voice-Swap apart from other AI companies. Consent, control and creativity. These words describe the vision shared by the entire Voice-Swap team who care deeply about music and the artists who create it.” 

Chairman Chris Gilbert added: 

“At Voice-Swap, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability in all our operations. We are confident that through continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, our strong corporate governance framework and clear business objectives, we are well positioned for sustainable value creation and to become the leading ethical solution in the AI voice technology industry.” 

Former SoundCloud Vice President of Strategy Michael Pelczynski, the architect behind the SoundCloud fan-powered royalty model, said:

“Voice-Swap is committed to the creative community and delivering the industry’s most trusted, qualitative and commercially serviceable AI voice technologies. As AI accelerates and certain developments leave artists behind, Voice-Swap is a testament to what happens when music tech is built by artists. This is culture meeting tech and not the other way around.”

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