SoundCloud and Voice-Swap announce new partnership 

January 25, 2024
by Declan McGlynn

SoundCloud – one of the biggest DSPs and a legendary brand in DIY music – is announcing a new partnership with Voice-Swap and two other AI companies, introducing integrations to allow artists to upload songs created with assistive AI tools directly to SoundCloud. 

Voice-Swap, Soundful and FADR users will soon be able to upload directly to SoundCloud from these platforms. SoundCloud labelling audio with a new AI tag, lets users know what music was created using assistive AI. 

“At SoundCloud, we take pride in being ground zero for musical experimentation. That’s why we’re home to what’s next in music,” said SoundCloud CEO Eliah Seton. “AI is top of mind for us in this context, and we’re excited about how this technology can be applied to serve and empower artists. These partners, which we’ve selected intentionally, reflect the very best of what the industry has to offer in this arena: tools that open up new creative avenues and make artists’ lives a little bit easier.”

The new integrations will be live soon on Voice-Swap. 

Try Voice-Swap for yourself here.