You can now license our Session Singers' voices for free!

December 14, 2023
by Declan McGlynn

We’ve just added an exciting new feature to Voice-Swap – subscribers can now use all our Session Singers’ AI voices without any extra licensing costs. 

Previously, Voice-Swap users were required to obtain a license for any commercial use of all our AI voices – that included releasing music on DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music, using the voice in podcasts or movie trailers, or even promoting content on social media. This was largely in place to protect our artists and ensure they had approvals over how their voice was being used. Since then, we’ve implemented state-of-the-art content moderation tools to prevent inappropriate content from making it to our platform. 

Along with our watermarking tools, we’re confident Voice-Swap Session Singers remain protected, and as a result, we’ve decided to remove the need to pay for a license. You will still need to obtain a free license, which is granted instantly – this license is your record that you have permission to use the audio you’ve generated from Voice-Swap. It's still necessary to purchase a license for the commercial use of our Featured Artists.

The amazing talent behind our session singers are Julia Nem, Julia Veinblat and Anthony Russell.

Try our Session Singers for yourself here, and start making music today.