Watch Benn Jordan’s new video on AI and Voice-Swap

September 4, 2023
by Declan McGlynn

Benn Jordan is one of the most respected educators and content creators in electronic music. His videos cover important topics like the streaming economy of Spotify, private equity influence in music technology and a host of other audio and science experiences that have brought him 267,000 subscribers, and counting. 

Aside from Benn’s ability to communicate complex problems with clarity, he’s also a strong artist advocate. Having been an artist himself for over two decades as the Flashbulb, he’s seen firsthand the challenges that artists find themselves in in the streaming age, not just financially, but mentally and creatively. Benn’s videos cover all these topics and more, and his analysis of the industry as well as reviews of exciting new kit, sonic experiments and deep dives into what the future might hold for the wider music tech space make him a must-follow. 

We’re also delighted to announce Benn has also joined the Voice-Swap team as Creative Director! His drive to fight for what’s best for artists in a challenging music environment coupled with his visionary approach to the future of music technology makes him an incredible asset to the team and one we’re really excited about. 

As part of joining the squad, Benn made a video about AI voices more widely, which features Voice-Swap as well as some other platforms and techniques. Watch the video below and sign up here to try Voice-Swap for yourself.