Angie Brown’s AI voice was used to make a demo – now she’s in the studio for real

October 6, 2023
by Declan McGlynn

One of the many important fundamentals that Voice-Swap is founded on is that we are not trying to replace artists. We want to create more opportunities and revenue streams for existing singers, as well as highlight the talents of our artists who’ve joined the platform. We see this new tech as more of an opportunity to put your voice in front of more producers and songwriters, in a way and to an extent that simply wasn’t possible before. That’s why we love this story. 

A few weeks ago producers Lee Richardson and Jonathan Murrill came to Voice-Swap looking for a vocalist for their new demo, a drum ’n’ bass record called ‘Woke Up’. And who better to use than Angie Brown, the voice of so many seminal club records? They worked on their demo using Angie’s AI voice, available on Voice-Swap here, and when they had an idea and a track they were feeling, they reached out to Angie through Voice-Swap and booked her in the studio for real. 

Check out a video preview from their session below. 

If you want to use some of our AI voices for real in the studio, either as a remote session or in the studio in the same location, send us an email