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Change your singing voice using AI

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What is Voice-Swap?

Voice-Swap is a platform that allows anyone to transform their singing voice using AI. Our exclusive roster of artists works in partnership with Voice-Swap, receiving royalties for the use of their AI voices. Every model is created using training data recorded from scratch specifically for Voice-Swap.

Voice-Swap could facilitate remote collaborations, empower artists to hear their ideas from a new perspective, and allow producers to create realistic demos without having to shell out for studio time.musicradar
Farley Jackmaster Funk

Farley Jackmaster Funk

Ayah Marar

Ayah Marar

Robert Owens

Robert Owens

Nikki Ambers

Nikki Ambers

What can I do with it?

You can use share your voice-swap audio on social media and with a subscription you can use the AI voices of our session singers in your tracks and commercially but you must not use our featured artists AI voices in your tracks without a license, which you can buy for the published fee by clicking the 'Buy License' button.

Our artists will respond within 48 hours, and accept unless they have moral or political issues with the content of your lyrics. If they accept you will be issued with a one off license that will buy out the singers rights so that you can release your track. You are expected to register (not feature) the singer where applicable.

You can also click the 'Request Consultation' button to connect with an artist to discuss re-sings, and other types of collaboration, though our artists only commit to respond to fixed fee buy out requests.

You can use our new 'Stem-Swap' feature to replace the voice on your track with one of our featured artists. And you can also download the stems of your track with the voice replaced. We discount the price of voice-swapping in stem swap so you can try out different voices on your track without breaking the bank.

We use state of the art technology to make the AI models output traceable, and the audio is the legal property of the singers. It can't be released without their permission, just like a real demo made in the studio.

We screen all our audio and text for hate speech and we will not allow you to generate audio featuring innapropriate content.

Perhaps you're writing songs and you need a voice that sounds more like the artist you're writing for, you don't think your own voice is good enough to create the best demo or you want to make your male voice sound like a female voice or vice-versa. Voice-swap is a great replacement for vocal samples from sample packs giving you the ability to fine tune your lyric and melody and find the perfect voice for your track.


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How does it work?

Simply upload your wav file and in about thirty seconds you will have an AI demo from your artist of choice. We give you 60 free seconds of audio credit to use with any of our artist models. After that you will need to choose one of our subscriptions which will give you the ability to create full songs.

Like any instrument, Voice-Swap needs some skill to get perfect results. Check out the demos on our artist demo Soundcloud links. We recommend you treat the input audio as you would your vocal production, use good takes, add auto tune if needed, and compression.

The model output will mimic these characteristics of your input audio. You can use the transpose slider to transpose your audio to match the natural pitch of the artist (if the output sounds too low, set the transpose higher and vice versa, this way you can experiment with low and high octaves of the artists voice).



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